About Ride For More.
  Founded in 2001 in Taiwan by a group of progress thinker and creative professionals, Ride For More positions itself as a manufacturer, designer as well as inventor of smartphone accessories, particularly for outdoors and cycling. Ride For More aims precisely to the need of carrying smartphone in outdoor sports and creates a full series of smartphone cases and bags.

Ride For More is never a mass-production factory, instead, we pay meticulous attention to each product being made, and we’ve to make sure all Ride For More bags/case are built to the mostly demanding quality, refined craftsmanship, numbered for quality control and exclusivity.
  Manufacturing – Quality Sewing
  Our factory floor is clean, organized and fully loaded with fully skilled bags manufacturing professionals.
The sewing professionals are the biggest treasure we’ve. They are the key getting us to the delicate craftsmanship and superior fabrications we deliver to each bag we made. In Ride For More, we do not price to sell, we price to value all details and cares made to each product.
  Manufacturing – Fabrics & Die Molding
The die cutting blades are used to cut the complex individual fabric panels of bags then multiple fabric panels are sewn together by hands – machines or seam-welded.

Ride For More uses clean safety materials applicable to current EU REACH (11P, PHAs, AZO Dye..etc). Ride For More only sources from top tier fabrics manufacturers with quality guarantee.
  Manufacturing – Cutting & Hardware Mounting
Semi-finished panels by die-cut are later joined and sewn together to make a well-finished bag/pack.
Hardware or bracket kit mounted by the mounting machine set but also requires skilled trained professionals to get them nicely completed.

The fastening hook-and-loop straps are measured and cut automatically by machine for mass-production.
  R & D – Bracket Design
  Except soft bags designing and manufacturing, Ride For More is also dedicated in developing mounting solution for bicycle and motorcycle application. The mounting solution being developed covers a complete line of mounting bracket kit used in Ride For More’s products. Ride For More also works with engineering and designing professionals to invent hard-case for smartphones on the bicycle.
  DESIGN – Retail Ready Packaging  
  The design expertise also extends to the products’ retail packaging. All designs are made To a unified branding image.
  By ATI CO., LTD.
NO.111, FL.7, HePing E. RD., Sec.3, Taipei 106, Taiwan
Tel: + 886 2 2739 9624 Fax: + 886 2739 2634 email: info@rfm.com.tw
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